Terms of use of the nanoSOIL laboratory at the
Chair of Soil Science (Lehrstuhl für Bodenkunde)
Technische Universität München

(Release date: 07 July 2015)

  1. The terms of use are obligatory to all users (internal and external).
  2. For technical, operational and security issues, Dr. C Höschen or Dipl.-Ing. J. Lugmeier has to be contacted. Persons to contact for questions pertaining to soils science related to NanoSIMS are Dr. Steffen Schweizer.
    Prof. Dr. I. Kögel-Knabner is the head of the nanoSOIL laboratory. Contact details and forms can be found on the homepage of the nanoSOIL laboratory (https://boku.wzw.tum.de/?id=nanosims).
  3. The nanoSOIL laboratory offers measurements with the Cameca NanoSIMS 50 L. They include image as well as spot mode. The measurements are conducted by staff members of nanoSOIL; the user should be present. Instruction of external users is not intended.
  4. The utilization of the nanoSOIL laboratory (NanoSIMS laboratory of the Chair of Soil Science including responsible staff members and facilities) is reserved for scientific purposes with a main focus on the processing of samples from soil science or related fields only.
  5. Before making use of the capacities of nanoSOIL, a formal application must be submitted. In this proposal, type and number of samples, time frame of intended measurements as well as preceding analyses (optical microscopy, SEM etc.) have to be presented. Generally, nanoSOIL assists with the preparation of the proposal. After examination, a notification from staff members of nanoSOIL will be provided in written form regarding feasibility and acceptance. Generally, a new application must be submitted for each service. The application form can be downloaded from the homepage of nanoSOIL (nanosoil_application.pdf).
  6. Processing of the services applied for is carried out in the order of receipt and according to available resources (manpower, instruments). In case of overbooking, the responsible head of nanoSOIL (Prof. Dr. I. Kögel-Knabner) decides on the placing of measuring time.
  7. In accordance with the DFG, operating costs are set to 725.00 EUR (exclusive of VAT) per day for all users.
  8. Users of nanoSOIL are not allowed to take any material into the laboratories of nanoSOIL that poses potential danger (e.g. infectious or radioactive material including 14C enriched samples). In case of doubt, users should contact staff members of nanoSOIL before transportation respectively shipping of the materials. The user attests their safety by his signature on the application form.
  9. Utilization of the EDP systems is allowed according to prior agreement of staff members of nanoSOIL. Peripheral storage devices are only allowed after having consulted staff members of nanoSOIL. The user commits himself to data security.
  10. Samples and data that were generated on the responsibility of nanoSOIL will be stored for 10 years. Archival storage of samples that were prepared on the own responsibility of the user does not take place. The user is solely responsible for proper long-term storage.
  11. Utilization of results takes place as agreed upon in the respective proposal and according to the recommendations of the DFG for publication of scientific data (Proposals for Safeguarding Good Scientific Practice, DFG, 1998). In any case, the utilization of results that were generated with nanoSOIL requires permission by nanoSOIL. Materials that were generated at nanoSOIL may be used by nanoSOIL for teaching purposes by mentioning of the source, if the user does not contradict to this explicitly. If no collective utilization of the results will take place because e.g. the output of staff members of nanoSOIL does not justify a co-authorship of a scientific publication, the usage of services of nanoSOIL should be cited adequately and the utilization should be reported to nanoSOIL. This procedure assures the existence of nanoSOIL.